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Lingerie, where has the glamour gone?

All of us girls love lingerie, thats a fact. There is always something special about lingerie, I suppose is is partly because it is the polar opposite of mens underwear. But lingerie these days as lovely as it is, does not appeal to me as much as that of the 50's and 60's. I suppose it is partly because we all like to be a bit nostalgic and imagine that everything was better in those far off days. Lets have a bit of a history lesson, after the war most of the goods sold in the UK had to conform with the 'Utility' regulations, these regulations were introduced in 1941 to control the amount of material used in the manufacture of products, by cutting out unnecessary use of materials. These regulations covered everything from clothing, furniture, footware, even the shape of the roofs of buses. All had to be designed to use the minimum of materials and at the same time be made to a high quality to ensure a long life. In general as far as I can tell 'utility' prod

An Interview With Cymbie Browne

For this third interview I am very pleased to introduce Cimbie Browne from the South East of the UK 1.How do you describe yourself, (crossdresser, transvestite, trans gender) ? Aspirationally I consider myself to be a transwoman, since childhood I have never accepted my birth gender. I do find it difficult to attach a label to myself on the other hand and think I’m just me.  2. How long have you been crossdressing? Like most of us, I started at a very young age, the whole thing, clothing, makeup lingerie of my mother’s held a fascination for me from an early age. I came across a lipstick of my mothers when I was around seven or eight and I was compelled to try it on. It felt and tasted lovely wearing it. This ecstasy was tempered with a feeling of guilt that burdened me for so many years. I really thought I had a mental condition and regularly set myself targets of stopping by certain milestones in my life. In those early days there was no source of reference and I wa

Crossdressers and Men

I was recently asked a very interesting question by a lady friend which has made me think about what us crossdressers do. This was the question: "Most crossdressers I know go out of their way to be as glamorous as they can - and succeed. Even though I am married, I dress to attract the opposite sex. Yet 9 out of 10 crossdressers say they are not interested in men. Odd! You'd think they would want to experience the full feminine experience, wouldn't you? But most seem to draw the line against experiencing men. Any thoughts or views?" Firstly to answer this question I can only talk about myself, other crossdressers may have a different view on this subject. My first thought on this is that I am not attracted to men, and this would be the response from many, also I am not interested in any sort of relationship apart from pure friendship. I am aware that this does not answer the question, but, when a woman goes out for the evening looking fabulous she is not necessari