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  This time of the year is a time to be thinking about the people we love and those that are no longer with us. I found a photo of my mum when she was in her early twenties, I should think, taken during the Second World War. I looked at the photo and perhaps for the first time in my life I realised just how beautiful she was. As the youngest of four, my Mum always seemed 'old', well to a youngster anybody that is thirty years older than you is bound to seem old. As such I saw her very much as an older person and could not imagine her in her youth. Until I saw the photo I always thought of her just as my Mum, yes I loved her very much but I am a little sad that I was never able to see her in her prime as the beautiful young lady she had been. We lost Mum thirty years ago now, she was only 63 at the time of her passing, to his day when ever I think of the events on her very last day I cry, I get very emotional because of the love I had for her.  The point of this post is that onc

Becoming Feminine

 As someone who crossdresses regularly, a thought occurred to me the other day. I can dress and act feminine but am I really feminine? The trouble is, how do you know? What is it to be feminine?  In times gone past I would describe myself as a man in a dress, but not now, as I have travelled along the road this journey has taken me on I have progressed closer to womanhood than ever before. If dressing and acting feminine is not enough then that more is needed and how do I asses if I am in fact feminine? Well I believe to be truly feminine it needs to come from within, 'acting' is not enough, you have to be feminine.  But how do you assess if you really are feminine? For me that was answered in two ways. Firstly I have two female friends that always refer to and think of me as female, they know I am not of course, but in their minds I am a female, one referred to me as her 'sister'. To be thought of in this way I have to exhibit some feminine traits and do so irrespectiv