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The Curse Of The Crossdresser

Do you think crossdressing is a curse? Thats a question I have answered in different ways during my life, but is it really a curse? When I started crossdressing as a young boy I was just enjoying myself, I had no idea what I was doing or indeed why. Apart from the risk of getting caught, there was very little that I had concerns about. But as I grew older the crossdressing started to become a problem, no matter how hard I tried, it would just not go away. Then for various reasons I didn't crossdress for about twenty years, I had left that part of my life behind, crossdressing was just one of those things I did a youngster, just one of those thing you do as you grow up. Then it came back, stronger than ever, at first I enjoyed the thrill of it all again, but this was not right, this is not something a man of my age should be doing. I tried to convince myself I was just being stupid and should grow up! This is when it became a curse, the urge would come, I would give in and t

A Great Night Out!

 In these days of global pandemic, getting out at all can be a difficult exercise, to get out for a meal with a couple of other 'girls' has been more like a military operation. In the past we have favoured TG friendly venues, but because of this virus thingie, that is not currently an option. So we have elected to frequent more mainstream establishments, as it happens before the first lockdown here in the UK, we had decided to explore non TG places in order to broaden our horizons.  And so it was, in the last four months or so we have managed to get out three times. The most recent was at the end of November (2020) just before the UK Government imposed Lock down 2. We elected to use a hotel that had a suitable restaurant next door, not a place we had frequented before, but it belonged to a large chain and so should fit the bill. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive as to how we would be accepted in the restaurant , but as it turned out I should not have worried. The staff wer