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The Bra

I f there is one item of clothing that shouts female, it is the bra. As a crossdresser, as soon as you put on a bra your body is transformed from the flat chested male to something more feminine. But I feel there is more to a bra than just changing a persons shape, it is an intimate item of clothing, delicately made, yet performing a vital function in  terms of support and also the  contouring of the visible outline of the female form.  To the uninitiated  bra is just a bra, but there are a large  number of different types available, here in the UK Marks & Spencer (M&S) a major retailer, advertises at least ten different basic types add to that wired, unwired, padded, non padded and pocketed and it is easy to see why they have over 680 different bras for sale on their website.  Bra's in various forms have been around for a very long time, the bra as we know it started to come into use around the time of end of the first world war. In the 1920's Marks & Spencer start


  Suspenders (garter belts to our American readers) are an enduring item that continues in popularity and seems to be particularly popular in the crossdressing community. As I understand it, suspenders, as we now know them, began coming into popular use in the 1940's and continued right into the 1960's. Their everyday used declined in the 60's as a result of tights (pantyhose) becoming more popular and generally easily available from the likes of Woolworths, Marks & Spencer and British Home Stores. But despite that and the general decline in the wearing of hosiery they still have a big following. I will be honest and say I generally go for tights, just because they are simpler to put on and wear. However for special occasions I will use stockings and suspenders as they just make me feel fabulous! I would say that if you are going to wear stockings buy genuine vintage stockings, they fit better and have a feel that modern stockings do not. However not everyone is in favo