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Be Brave

 Yesterday the 17th of January was apparently Blue Monday, said to be the most depressing day of the year. That was certainly not the case for me as I had a very long and entertaining conversation with a dear friend, that certainly brightened up my day. But that was obviously not the case for all. I personally do not ascribe this sort of 'Day' as who is to say if I am happy or not. Especially as the term "Blue Monday" was coined by a UK travel company, clearly more interested in selling holidays than the mental health of the nation.  I think this time of the year is a time for looking forward, over the New Year period we have looked back at the last year, but now we need to look forward. Everyone has had a very difficult few years, potentially this year will also be hard. But we have to make the most of it, look on the positive side and move forward. Personally there are lots of things I want to do, but for whatever reason I seem to find an excuse to avoid doing it. S