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Becoming Andrea

  A couple of years ago, before the lockdown here in the UK, I was going out on a regular basis to a well known Trans friendly club, we always had a great time but I wanted more, I wanted to move away from the T-Girl / trans scene more toward mainstream venues. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the T-girl scene, but I felt it wasn't really for me. Then the pandemic struck and we couldn't go out anyway, after the first lockdown there was a few months of reprieve before we were plunged back into another lockdown. During that short 'window' we managed to get out three times, as the clubs were shut we used mainstream bars and restaurants and had a brilliant time. It opened my eyes to what was possible out in the 'real' world. After the second lockdown we managed to get out again visiting a restaurant we had not been to for nine months. We were greeted like long lost friends, the reception we had demonstrated to me that the 'real world' was w