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Glamour, it's that word again, last time we looked at glamorous lingerie, but this time I'm looking at glamour in a wider sense. The reason for this is that somebody posted a photo of Sofia Loren on Flickr, myself and another person posted a comments to the effect that women form that period (early1960's I should guess) always seemed much more glamorous than women of today. This sparked a reaction from a young lady in her twenties who said that in her opinion women of her age were much more glamorous than the likes of Sofia Loren.  This person is, of course entitled to their opinion, fair enough, but I think she has missed the point, these days, the word glamour, to many has a different meaning. Today the word glamour has more to do with fashion than it did in the 50's and 60's, nowadays a person is deemed to be 'glamourous' if they walk along a red carpet in a posh frock. But that does not automatically say glamour to me, stunning, beautiful, attractiv