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Courtesy Emma Nylon Nostalgia  I was chatting to a female friend of mine recently and the subject of slips came up. She had seen me in one of mine and remarked how good it looked, she then revealed she had never worn a full slip, but had worn a half slip at school. The lady is in her late forties, so missed out on wearing slips when she was young and has never thought to try one since.  So what is so special about a slip? well firstly you need to understand the real purpose of a slip, although they look fabulous and many would say sexy, the point of a slip is to provide an independent layer between the lingerie, or foundation garments and the outer layer, the dress. Being independent, by that I mean not attached to the dress, it allows the dress to move freely from the lingerie, almost like a lubricating layer. As a result the dress flows more freely, hangs better and is often more comfortable to wear.  For dresses that are sheer or very thin fabric a slip can provide a layer to avoid

Emotion - Why can't men cry?

 An incident occurred a little while ago that caused me to cry. I will not go into the intimate details, but suffice it to say that the release of emotion caused me to cry in a way I have not done since way back in my pre-teen years..... Which is a very long time ago.  The crying was the result of a massive release of emotion caused by seeming unconnected events that caused me to fear for the health of two very special people. I cry more now than I have done for years, I do get much more emotional since I have allowed my feminine side blossom. However it has never been like this. It hasn't always been this way, before accepting myself, I would very rarely cry, and then only because it was a tragic loss, and only in private. What was that? Well research has shown that men cry 60% less than women, crying is often seen as a weakness or embarrassing, especially for the male. We cry three types of tears: Firstly 'Basal' which are the tears that coat your eyes all day and help pr