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The Dress

  I have always had a thing about wedding dresses, I suppose that could be common for lots of people, both male and female, because they are in general the most spectacular dress a woman will ever wear, and of course on that special day only the best will do. I think my interest was aroused when my eldest sister got married, over fifty years ago now, as a young boy with more than a passing interest in all things feminine the wedding and bridesmaids dresses held a fascination for me. Obviously I never had a clue as to why an outwardly run of the mill boy would have such an interest, I never discovered the reason for that for decades. But the interest was there, I never saw the dresses before the wedding, so it was something special for me on the (very cold) day.  I had to go in a boring suit and tie, my Mum even had to bribe me to wear it!  I did try my sisters dress, long after the wedding, which was a lovely experience, nobody knew of course and I had no idea at the time why I had thi