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A Night Out

On Friday the 9th of August I joined some friends for a night out at Pink Punters, a TG friendly night club near Milton Keynes. This would be the eighth time I have attended their "Big Night Out" and every visit has been a great success.  I arrived at the Campanile Hotel which is just across the road from Pinks at about three in the afternoon. After booking in and finding my room I quickly changed into a skirt and top as I had arranged to meet Penny for a drink in the bar. The first time I came, venturing out of the hotel room into the corridor was a heart stopping moment, but now it seems so ordinary, with my bag over my shoulder I made my way to the bar.  As always the bar staff are very friendly and treat all the girls just as they would treat anyone else, no matter what they are wearing, and I have to say on some occasions even I have been surprised with what some people regard as suitable clothing! Anyway drink ordered I sat at the bar, if you have never been out and


Transition is not for me, to be honest I don't think it ever has been even if circumstances during my early life had been different. I admire and support anyone who choses the transition route, it is an immense undertaking fraught with difficulties. Apart from the huge commitment and risks involved, why would I want to? Yes it would be nice to have my own boobs, but as I am not full time I suspect there are times when they would get in the way! At my time of life, I now just want to enjoy myself, so I can see little point in putting myself through the long and difficult process. Transition is promoted by some as the panacea for those who want to become the woman of their dreams, it may be for some but transition is clearly not the be all and end all. It obviously works for a lot of people, the fabulous April Ashley is a prime example, but sadly not for all. Gender reassignment surgery is a complicated procedure that, to be honest I don't know much about, but it is a proced