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Fraternal Birth Order Effect

 I came across this on the internet whilst looking for something else, this is an interesting phenomenon that has I believe a bearing on the life of a crossdresser, me in particular. Fraternal Birth Order Effect (FBO) is the result of a study of 12,000 men in America, the researchers were looking into the effect older siblings may have on a person, with particular interest in homosexuality. I won't go into all the details, you can find it very easy on the web, but essentially they discovered that a male with an older brother was more likely to be homosexual and this effect increases with the number of older brothers.  However the trial also discovered that the effect does not increase with sisters older or younger and younger brothers do not increase the effect. In numbers terms, each older brother increases the chance of being homosexual by 33%, in overall population terms, that rates the chance of being homosexual from 2% to 2.6%. Analysis suggests that between 15% and 29% of gay