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Teenage Years

By the time I became a teenager my interest in wearing female clothes had grown and continued to do so. During the summer school holidays I was often alone in the house as so able to indulge myself by playing with my sisters clothes. Like many young crossdressers I rapidly developed a skill for putting everything back exactly as it had been. From just wearing underwear in the past my interest had grown so that I was now wearing a dress, tights and shoes. Unfortunately I never had a chance of obtaining a wig and although I tried makeup once or twice I was too scared I would not be able to remove it all and would get caught out.  I did OK at school, but I never liked it, I would often be told these were the best years of my life, well I can tell you they certainly were not. I didn't realise it at the time but I was dyslexic, it was known about in those far off days, but nobody in my school realised I suffered from it, or if they did never did anything about it. I found English

The Beginnings

My life, like many of my contemporaries has been one of secrecy, loneliness and at times pain. I am a crossdresser but it has taken most of my life to accept that fact. So lets go back to the beginning and start this journey from there. I was born over sixty years ago in West London, obviously I don't remember that important day, although for many years I have thought it probably did not quite go to plan. I say that because on the back of my Birth Certificate my Dad wrote:  Born Wednesday at 1.40 PM Weight 8 lbs C/head 14" Length 20" Weight on discharge 3lbs 8ozs   Now I'm no expert in these things but discharging a baby that had lost over half it's birth weight seems a touch odd to me. However I'm still alive and well so it can't of been all that bad! I am convinced, however that during the pregnancy something did not go exactly to plan. At least the plan people of the world were expected to abide by in those far off days. S