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We all have friends, some more the others perhaps, but we all have friends, people we have met along the way that we enjoy seeing and being in their company. But for a closeted crossdresser, as I was for many years, finding a friend that you can share the crossdressing side of your life with can be very difficult. Most of us turn to the internet in an effort to find someone who we can chat to, but of course as we all know that can be fraught with difficulties, not the least being certain the person you are talking to is who they claim to be . But if you can get past that real friendships can develop, and I have been very lucky to find some very good friends this way. Sometimes a very special relationship can develop something much more special. A year or so ago I answered a post on an on line forum from a genetic lady, who I shall call Chris, she had recently discovered her partner was crossdressing. I offered to answer as many questions as I could, from my perspective of course,