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Ladies love shoes, that's a fact, years ago in male mode I could never understand just why women needed so many pairs of shoes, is it really necessary to have 45 pairs of shoes? Of course not, but, many women do have that amount of shoes and some have many more! As crossdressers high heels are essential if you want to become that woman you always dreamed of. But be warned, they are addictive one pair is just not enough, over time you will probably discover even 20 pairs are not enough!  Finding the right pair of heels can be a difficult task, sizing is a complete nightmare, because if a size UK8 fits from one maker it does not mean another brand of shoes also UK8 will fit, in fact it's almost certain they will not! It takes some time but once you have found a brand that fits you in a particular size it's a good idea to stick with it, particularly if you are unable to shop in person. Because of the nature of our crossdressing may girls are unable to walk into their

Book Review - Alice in Genderland

This book has been around for some while, originally published in 2005, and reviewed on numerous occasions by various commentators. Although it has always received good reviews, I never thought it the book for me so it was not until 2019 that I finally got around to purchasing a copy.  Alice in Genderland follows the true story of Alice the alter ego of  Richard J. Novic a psychiatrist form North America, (but don't let this put you off!) from his desires as a young boy to dress and look like a girl on to adulthood where he finally achieves his goal in life. I am not going to tell you the story as that may spoil the book for you, but what I am going to say this is certainly not the book I thought it would be. It turned out to be a spell binding story full of ups and downs, heartbreak and bliss, love and break ups and some very gritty sex. Even if you are not remotely interested in gender issues this book is a cracking read as a novel, the fact that it is true makes it o

My Generation

When talking about my story I explained acceptance and how I eventually came to understand who I really am. But why is it so difficult for someone like me to actually accept, what in fact is something so obvious?  I think it's a generational thing, the younger generations have, for the most part, very little difficulty in coming to terms with crossdressing, that's not saying it's easy, it most certainly is not, but they seem to be able to accept much more readily. Why is this, why do older and supposedly more wise people struggle with this issue?  Firstly we have to go back to out youth, in my case that means going back to the 1960's, the world was very different at that time, in England and Wales homosexuality was not decriminalised until 1967, at the time there was a widely held belief that any person crossdressing was gay. This was not helped by the way transvestism (the term crossdressing was not often used then) was reported in the media. An example can b

Purging And Acceptance

After a long period of not crossdressing at all the urge began to come back. I have no idea why this was but it just reappeared in my life. I couldn't understand how I could suddenly regain the desire to dress in women's clothes, to be honest, I thought that part of me had gone, I thought I was 'cured'! Fat chance, not only did the urge return but it was stronger than ever. I bought some underwear played around with it for a few months then decided I was being stupid and threw it all away. This turned out to be the first 'purge' I mistakenly thought that would be the end of it, of course it was not, far from it! The urge grew again, and again I bought some more clothes, this time supplemented with a wig, breast forms and shoes. I purged again, everything went, heavens knows how much it all cost, but out it went. I tried to convince my self that I was being stupid and I should grow up!  When the urge came back, yet again, I started to research why men cro