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Life Changes

There are times in our lifetime when something happens that changes your life for ever even though we may not realise it at the time. Fifty two years ago the weekly magazine Titbits produced an article entitled 'She Men'. The front cover of the magazine had a photo of a young woman with the headline "This Is A Man" 'Read the incredible facts inside'. The only thing incredible was that, looking from todays perspective, there was very little fact at all. This was a typical bit of sensationalist reporting which even by the standards of some of todays tabloids was pretty poor. So why was it so important?  This was long before the invention of the internet, if you wanted to find out something you had to read a book, if you could find one on the subject you were interested in. For a young person confused as to why he wanted to dress in women's clothes finding an article which shed some light on the subject was like manor from heaven. Up until this point the only