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Lots of blogs, T-Girl web sites and forums talk about 'passing' but what does 'passing' really mean and more importantly what does it mean to a crossdresser? So lets have a look...... Passing to most of our community means a crossdresser that looks to all intents and purposes like a genetic woman. There has always been a lot of discussion on this subject and to many, it would appear, it is the Holy Grail, the one thing that must be achieved above all else. However it seems to me this is becoming much less important to many girls. As crossdressers, at least for me, when we go out into the world we want to be accepted as we are, and to do that we feel we have to 'pass', the problem is what is the standard for 'passing'? What do you base your standard on? The simple answer to that is there is no standard mostly because genetic women come in all shapes and sizes, tall, thin, not so thin, small feet, large feet, well endowed, flat chested the list is endl

Why Cant Men Wear What They Want?

It is often said (by crossdressers) that women can wear any clothes they like, wether it is female orientated or not but men are restricted to ‘man’ clothes only and this is not really fair. Well lets take a look at this subject In Helen Boyd’s book ‘My Husband Betty’ she states, quite rightly, that when women wear jeans, they wear jeans cut and designed for women and so therefor are not crossdressing. In a similar vein elsewhere in the book she says that when women were required to work in the munitions factory during the second world war they wore trousers as that was the most suitable piece of clothing for the job and therefore were not crossdressing. Both these observations are perfectly valid and I would have no argument with them. In industry here in the UK and I suspect many other places as well, women are increasingly taking on roles traditionally carried out by men, it is no longer uncommon to see women on production lines, working in the construction industry or