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A Day Out With Jen

 A couple of weeks ago I had a day out with a very close female friend. I had known my lady friend Jen for a couple of years, it is a complicated story about how we met which I will not go into here, but we always intended to have a girly day out, but it was difficult for us to find a time that suited both of us. However we finally managed to get a date organised and we met up at my hotel. Jen had always complimented me on my makeup and when we arranged the date she had said she would like me to perform my magic on her. Make no mistake I am not an expert in the application of makeup, but I agreed to do it with the caveat that if she didn't like it I would remove it and she would do her usual day makeup.   This was quite a big thing for me, I've never been a with a woman that a wants me to do her makeup so it was quite a challenge. As we were doing day makeup it was actually quite minimal and not too difficult to apply, although it is obviously very different when working on som