Becoming Feminine

 As someone who crossdresses regularly, a thought occurred to me the other day. I can dress and act feminine but am I really feminine? The trouble is, how do you know? What is it to be feminine? 

In times gone past I would describe myself as a man in a dress, but not now, as I have travelled along the road this journey has taken me on I have progressed closer to womanhood than ever before. If dressing and acting feminine is not enough then that more is needed and how do I asses if I am in fact feminine? Well I believe to be truly feminine it needs to come from within, 'acting' is not enough, you have to be feminine. 

But how do you assess if you really are feminine? For me that was answered in two ways. Firstly I have two female friends that always refer to and think of me as female, they know I am not of course, but in their minds I am a female, one referred to me as her 'sister'. To be thought of in this way I have to exhibit some feminine traits and do so irrespective of what I am wearing. 

Secondly, when discussing Christmas presents with one of these lady friends I explained what I do for my two twenty-something daughters. After I had explained the process and what was involved she said " Oh doing that for the girls is an absolutely Andrea thing........It's nice they get a connection to her as the gifts are from her". The thing is, I have never thought of it in that way, I just thought of it as Dad buying his daughters Christmas presents, but the way the presents are put together and the trouble involved, is more a female thing than a male thing. So it would appear what I am actually doing on Christmas Day is giving my daughters presents sourced, prepared and wrapped by Andrea............

Humans give off all sorts of signals some knowingly, many without realising, others will pick up on these signals, again sometimes knowingly but other times it will register somewhere in the back of their brain. My friend picked up on this straight away and indeed as I explained in an earlier post, the reason why I love wedding dresses! So these signals are being given off and some of the signals show a feminine trait and people, often without realising pick up on these signs. That is probably why in years gone past I would have a lot of friends that were girls but very few girl friends, if you see what I mean. 

You can teach yourself to be feminine, you can as I said act feminine,
but that has not been my course of action. I am not acting, I'm just being my natural self. So in my case the feminine traits are with me all the time and as I have progressed during my journey they have become more apparent. I think I was born with a strong feminine side, that was only allowed to blossom once I had accepted my true self and are now part of my true being. Even in male mode I exhibit more feminine touches than ever before.........

So the answer seems to me, you don't really become feminine, it comes form within, so perhaps you are born that way...........


  1. "... so perhaps you are born that way..."

    Yes, and maybe some of us learn to hide it given the world we're in. With luck, time, and love, maybe we can grow to accept who we are, to be open and honest.

    Great post. Oh, and happy Xmas.

    1. I hid it for many years, or at least tried to, but we all give off signals even if we don't realise but others pick up on them and in reality you cant really hide it. But as you say with luck time and love we will all be able to accept who we are.......... Lets hope that time comes soon.................

      I hope you have a fabulous Christmas as well...........

  2. very AMAZING LADY .very well done for talking about it,MARK.X

  3. Good post Andrea, I would agree that it does indeed come from within.

    1. Thank you for your comment Lottie, I think we are born with a feminine side.........


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