This time of the year is a time to be thinking about the people we love and those that are no longer with us. I found a photo of my mum when she was in her early twenties, I should think, taken during the Second World War. I looked at the photo and perhaps for the first time in my life I realised just how beautiful she was.

As the youngest of four, my Mum always seemed 'old', well to a youngster anybody that is thirty years older than you is bound to seem old. As such I saw her very much as an older person and could not imagine her in her youth. Until I saw the photo I always thought of her just as my Mum, yes I loved her very much but I am a little sad that I was never able to see her in her prime as the beautiful young lady she had been. We lost Mum thirty years ago now, she was only 63 at the time of her passing, to his day when ever I think of the events on her very last day I cry, I get very emotional because of the love I had for her. 

The point of this post is that once they have gone it's too late to tell someone how much you loved them. In my youth it wasn't exactly considered the right thing for a young lad to be telling his Mum about his love for her or having a hug, that was more to do with how society 'conditions' us than anything to do with how we feel, but that's how things were. I will be eternally sorry for not feeling I was able to show the real love I had for her.............

We all have loved ones, we all have special people in our lives that we have a special connection with, whoever that person, or persons, are in your life show them the love you have for them. Tell them how much they mean to you, give them a real hug, kiss them. As I said this time of the year is really important for the people we love, so show that love, and do it now, because tomorrow just might be too late................


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your Mum passed away at such a young age. I think folk today have the benefit of better diet, medical care, and Health & Safety.

    As you say, it only takes a moment to call someone, text, email, or what have you. That or send some flowers to let them know you're thinking about them.

    Merry Christmas, Andrea

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner, but it has been a busy time here! My Mum died of cancer, I don't know if in todays world she would have survived longer, but she had a great life and we were blessed to have her in our lives.

      I hope you have had a great Christmas and continue to enjoy the festive season.........

  2. Nice post Andrea.

    My Mum died in her early forties but whilst she was alive I told her everyday how much I loved her.
    I was always giving her hugs and kisses and telling her how much of a special Mum she was.

    She knew that I would walk to the ends of the earth for her.

    Sincere best wishes for Christmas and 2022.

    1. I always found it hard to say I love you to my Mum, probably because it just wasn't the done thing in those days. I realise now just how much I loved her and how much she meant to me. I know she knew I loved her and would do anything for her, but I now feel sorry I could not tell her as I would now.

      I am very sorry you lost your mother so young, that is really hard, but you loved her and told her how special she was, thats just lovely............

  3. Thank you Andrea.
    I have been really remiss about keeping in contact with my family and especially my mother, and the longer I kept putting it off the harder it seemed just to pick up the phone. But maybe reading your post was the spur I needed and I finally called the weekend before Christmas and a couple of times since, and now need to make I make this an ongoing habit and not drop out of contact again.
    I have a old photo of my mother which must have been taken in the mid 1950s when she was in her twenties with a ridiculously tiny cinched in waist and rocking a white rose print dress, very similar to this one I found online.
    It looks a dream to wear but, as I've already commented that one of my photos startled me with how much it reminded me of her, I wonder it if might be a step too far.

  4. Susie I am so pleased you have managed to talk to your Mum, that is really good because Mum's are so special, never make the mistake I did and leave it..........

    The dress is lovely and I bet your Mum looked fabulous in the 50's photo, that is something very special to have. If you like the dress, and lets be fair it does look gorgeous so why not try it? You are not trying to look like your Mum, you are just appreciating the fashions of her youth like she did, and OK you might look like your Mum in that dress, but is that a bad thing? looking like a person you love very much? you are related after all!!

    Thank you for your comments Susie, it is lovely to hear from you.............

    1. Thanks Andrea. Definitely something to think about. Any she does look glowing in that photograph. Wonder where I can get a 2 in wide white belt..

    2. You should go for it Susie, if you don't you will probably regret it later and keep thinking 'if only I bought that dress............ As for a belt the one in the photo above came from eBay, try this:

      Andrea xx

  5. Beautiful blog. Happy new year ��

    1. Thank you so much Rajani, and Happy New year to you..........xx


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