A Great Night Out!

 In these days of global pandemic, getting out at all can be a difficult exercise, to get out for a meal with a couple of other 'girls' has been more like a military operation. In the past we have favoured TG friendly venues, but because of this virus thingie, that is not currently an option. So we have elected to frequent more mainstream establishments, as it happens before the first lockdown here in the UK, we had decided to explore non TG places in order to broaden our horizons. 

And so it was, in the last four months or so we have managed to get out three times. The most recent was at the end of November (2020) just before the UK Government imposed Lock down 2. We elected to use a hotel that had a suitable restaurant next door, not a place we had frequented before, but it belonged to a large chain and so should fit the bill. I have to say I was a bit apprehensive as to how we would be accepted in the restaurant , but as it turned out I should not have worried. The staff were all very welcoming and friendly, I have no doubt they knew exactly what we were, but that made no difference, and why should it? 

Thinking back to the two previous excursions we were made very welcome at all venues, restaurants, bars and hotels. I do believe the way we present ourselves has a bearing on this, we aim to blend, that's not saying boring, just not outrageous, we are always very friendly and polite to the staff that look after us and we are always smiling! - that goes a long way believe me!  The other thing that occurred to me is  the fact that the bar staff and waiter / waitress tend to be of similar ages, mostly in their 20 - 30 age group and they seem to engage with us very well. When we were using a well known TG friendly club, every time we encountered young females they were always very friendly and positive toward us, they seemed to take to us very easily. Obviously this is partly due to the fact that the younger generation are much more accepting, but also they see us in a positive light, we often get complimented on our hair / makeup / dress / legs etc. I often wonder would they compliment genetic women of similar ages to us in the same way? I suspect not..........

So what can we take for this? Well, personally it's all positive, we had a great night in great company complimented by fabulous bar/restaurant staff that only added to the occasion. From the perspective of other girls in similar position to me, provided you can satisfy all the current government rules it is possible to have a great night out (when the current lockdown is lifted of course). OK at the time of writing this in the UK we are in lockdown, but that will not last forever, so when the time is right (and following all government advice of course) get out there and enjoy yourself. From the point of view of crossdressers in general it has to be a good thing. The more of us that go out and demonstrate a positive, happy and non threatening image the better. If more and more girls get out there we will become more accepted by the general public, which has to be a good thing.............

Thank you to Penny Ollie for the photo which was taken by the lovely Susie Taylor


  1. "...they knew exactly what we were..."

    People, part of the community, and paying customers 😉

    Looks like you had a good time out and great smiles too.

    Who's was the pint?

    1. You are of course completely right we are part of the community and paying customers, I think that comment goes back to how many of us 'expect' to be treated, this in turn probably goes back to the outdated perception of the crossdressing community of my youth. It does, however demonstrate just how far we have in fact come.......

  2. Andrea has captured perfectly the joy and satisfaction of meeting other girls socially. I started going out in public on my own about 3 years ago and it was exhilarating to go out into the real world, shopping, country walks, visiting cafes and travelling on public transport. However, something was still missing. Then Andrea contacted me on social media and I made a step change.

    Andrea suggested I might want to go to a TG evening held at a LGBT nightclub each month. I thought this was out of the question. However, the idea progressively grew on me and I woke up one morning and just said to myself “You must go.” I didn’t regret it! Andrea and I hit it off immediately and became best friends. From here the social circle of girlfriends grew.
    It is so rewarding and satisfying to meet other girls socially, and to have girly chats and a good laugh. You no longer feel isolated and realise there is nothing wrong with our way of life. We are all caring and give support and encouragement to each other and to the girls who also want to make the next step into the broader world.

    I am now living what was once a fantasy. I could never have imagined five years ago, that I could have possibly taken this journey and I am so pleased I stepped out into the unknown and found so many good friends and so much joy and pleasure.

    1. Thank you Penny for your reply and for telling us a bit more about your story, lets hope we can get out one more time before Christmas.

      (Penny told us her story last year in an interview here on this blog)


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