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I don't think any one of us predicted the situation the whole country has found itself in today...........

Coronavirus has taken a huge toll on our population, but unfortunately we are only at the beginning and it will, without doubt, get significantly more serious as time goes on. By the end of it there will be very few, if any, within the UK that does not personally know someone who has succumbed to this terrible virus.........

The UK is currently in a state of almost suspended animation, work is continuing -  just -  people that are lucky enough to be able to work form home are in many cases continuing, many have been put on furlough , that is 80% of their wages are paid by the government if the company has to close down, or shed a number of staff due to the downturn in work. Some companies top up the wages so the staff receive their normal weekly pay, but many do not. As a result many families have suddenly had a 20% cut in income, but it's better than nothing at all. Some self employed people are struggling, work has gone and very little support is available. But many are still working, the front line workers particularly the NHS in the UK (National Health Service) but also people who many took for granted, delivery drivers, refuse collectors, supermarket staff, etc. All of a sudden many in the UK for the first time have come to realise just how important these people are to our everyday life, we all owe them a huge debt............

This virus will inflict a considerable toll on our country, it's people, and indeed the whole of the planet, those that survive it will see a very different world, life will never be the same again. Life for people like me, almost on the edge of society, not conforming to society's 'normal' are finding life very difficult and of course it will get harder over the coming months. Obviously if we can avoid the virus we can consider ourselves to be very fortunate, but being unable to be the person we want to be for a considerable time will no doubt take it's toll. The transgender community as a whole needs to look after it's own. We see in the UK voluntary groups being set up to ensure the elderly and at risk people are not forgotten and are supported, which of course is a fantastic response. But we in the transgender movement can also do our bit, an email to a friend, posting a message on social media, a photo on Flickr to promote debate , anything to show our friends we are still here and will always support them.

Something I have noticed here in the UK, we have 'social distancing', we are not supposed to leave the house except for essential food shopping or exercise and essential work. The streets and shopping centres are empty. But, we have become closer than ever before as a nation. People are more friendly, more tolerant, more supportive, we have come together in adversity. We appreciate the forgotten workers all those people we need to keep the country running that up until now many have neglected.  My hope is, that once those of us that are fortunate enough to come out the other side of this terrible situation, retain that compassion and supportive attitude that we will need to see this thing through.  If we do the world will be a much better place for all of us........ 


  1. It's certainly not great but it could be a lot worse. Thinking of the positive, folk do seem to be coming together and I think that's great. I hope that continues after some of the things we've seen over the last few years.

    As to Trans* matters, the group I'm in are trying some virtual meetings to help folk stay in touch. Sure, is not the same as being out, but we are social creatures at heart. I'm going that helps people feel okay and less isolated.

    Hope you're keeping well.


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