Keep Positive!

All of us are having a hard time at present there is no doubt about that. It is too easy to get yourself into a depressed mood and feel very negative about everything. I know, because I am an expert at it! I tend to overthink things and so have a terrible habit of going down the doomsday route! If we are fortunate enough to avoid contracting COVID-19, that is a big positive, the next thing we must do is follow our governments advice, here in the UK that means only going out when absolutely necessary and keeping a distance of two metres from other people. Have you managed that? Yes? Thats another positive. But now we have managed to keep ourselves and our family safe what's next?

For crossdressers like me the coming weeks and months are going to be very difficult, those people that know me personally will know that Andrea will not be able to make an appearance, add that to the fact that I overthink things and we have a recipe for disaster! None of us want any more disasters in our lives, so what am I going to do to avoid it? Well firstly try and stay positive and not over think things, thats a start, but I am going to need more. However the 'more' I need is already within me. There is a big feminine part of my inner being (that is growing all the time), it is always there, I am still Andrea irrespective of what I am wearing. The feminine side is just as strong when I am wearing man jeans and a T-shirt or heels and a mini skirt ( but obviously I would rather be wearing the latter!) The important thing about this, is that my feminine side is always happier, OK a lot happier when I'm wearing a dress, but nonetheless a much happier part of my soul. 

I am unable to outwardly express the feminine side of me at the moment, thats a fact, but as I have said I have now accepted that I have a strong inner feminine part to my being that is very important to me. My thoughts are, if I was suddenly able to spend every day as a woman what would I wear? If I was doing some house work, or washing the car or cutting the lawn, would I be wearing heels, cocktail dress, full makeup and nicely painted nails? The answer is no, I would probably be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Ok the jeans would be nicer fitting and softer, the t-shirt would show off my curves and of course I would be wearing  a bra. But in reality the basics are the same, add the fact that in hot weather as it is here in the UK at the moment, wearing breast forms and a wig can become very uncomfortable. So am I really missing out? 

The answer is no, why? Because it's all in my mind, a woman is still a woman wether she is wearing a beautiful dress or jeans and a t-shirt. No woman is going to wear that lovely little LBD to do the gardening or clean the house, that is for special occasions. So now that I have accepted that I have a very strong feminine side, and that it is part of me all the time it is easier to accept that although I can't dress at the moment, it's not the end of the world. I am still me, I am still Andrea, what ever I am wearing..............

So dear reader, remember you inner self is always there, you are and always will be, you so  keep positive, because life has to go on, we have to go on........


  1. As much as it's great to see the sun, if things get to the wrong side of warm, it's too much for shapewear and slap.

    As to gardening in a cocktail dress, Margo Leadbetter would approve ;-)

    1. Yes hot weather does not mix with forms, pads and slap......

      I am sure Margo would approve, but I would have to wear yellow Marigolds and have Gerry follow me around the garden to actually do the work. A lady like me, or Margo couldn't possibly be expected to actually do anything 'manual'..............

    2. "Gerry? Do pick that up, dear." :-)

      I do wonder what a modern version of Ms Leadbetter would be like? Perhaps it's okay to speculate, but not to meet. :-D

    3. Must agree Andrea on the importance of remaining positive. While we are in lockdown like the rest of the planet we are still allowed to go out for exercise. I cycle 12km every morning on a cycle way close to home. That affords me the opportunity to wear tights and black and pink lycra cycling tops. A light bra and cycling helmet and gloves completes my outfit. To those I pass I probably look like a cyclist. If I keep the speed up I am reduced to a blur. Yet it is my half an hour of being dressed in a very feminine way.
      We all survive, no, thrive in our own ways.
      Stay well and pretty.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. The modern version of Ms Leadnbetter would be a difficult person to find, although overbearing and with out a doubt a snob, she was in fact quite attractive (at least Tom thought so). I suppose something like the Cheshire wives might come close, but no where near Penelope Keith!

    6. Thank you Geraldine keep up the exercise, and enjoy life as best you can in your own way. It's going to be hard on all of us, but if we can stay positive and support each other we can and will get through this. Keep safe!


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