Book Review My Story by Caroline Cossey

This is the life story of Caroline Cossey a transgender model, actress, showgirl and activist, first published in 1991 it charts her life from a young boy right through to becoming a bond Girl. and beyond. Born Barry Cossey in 1954 she grew up with a loving family at Brooke in Norfolk. I was stunned at how closely her young life experiences mirrored my own life, and I suppose that of many people growing up to discover they are not as society expects. 
This fascinating and inspirational story, extremely well written and very readable, takes us through the events of her life form childhood through troubled adolescence, her time as a crossdressing show girl, breast implants, top less dancing, page three girl, GRS, her time in the Bond film 'For Your Eyes Only'. Sadly there was always a constant threat of disclosure, eventually her world came crashing down with a damming article in the 'News of The World' She fought back only the be dealt another devastating blow by the same paper after she married.

Caroline went on to fight for transgender rights, for which we all owe here a debt of gratitude......

Read this book, it is very inspirational, it had me in tears at times, but shows with strength of character we can get through the most appalling of situations, it is a lovely read and I don't think you will be disappointed! 

Published in 1991 I found my copy on eBay.


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