The Beginnings

My life, like many of my contemporaries has been one of secrecy, loneliness and at times pain. I am a crossdresser but it has taken most of my life to accept that fact. So lets go back to the beginning and start this journey from there. I was born over sixty years ago in West London, obviously I don't remember that important day, although for many years I have thought it probably did not quite go to plan. I say that because on the back of my Birth Certificate my Dad wrote: 

Born Wednesday at 1.40 PM

Weight 8 lbs
C/head 14"
Length 20"

Weight on discharge 3lbs 8ozs  

Now I'm no expert in these things but discharging a baby that had lost over half it's birth weight seems a touch odd to me. However I'm still alive and well so it can't of been all that bad! I am convinced, however that during the pregnancy something did not go exactly to plan. At least the plan people of the world were expected to abide by in those far off days.

So there I was born into a loving family with two sisters and a brother to keep me company, Mum and Dad were hard working and never had much in the way of money but they brought us up well and we were always well clothed and fed. 

We lived in West London until I was about 9 years old when we were rehoused by the Greater London Council and moved to Bow in the East End the other side of London. It was a hard time, I suppose for all of us, but as a 9 year old leaving people you had known all your life for what seemed like a different world was hard. I obviously had to go to a new school, I was put into a class above the year I should have been put into as there was not enough room. Consequently I found myself with a group of children that were all a year older than me. It was a hard year as the class were obviously a year in front of me, however the following year I was moved into the correct age group and life was a lot easier.

My first forays into crossdressing had in fact started in West London, just a bit of trying on some of Mums clothes, I don't remember much about it, and I can't believe now Mum did not know what I was up to. By the time I had reached my 10th birthday I had begun to experiment with tights and the odd bra, usually from the washing basket, which was in the bathroom. It carried on like this for a few years but moved on to a new level once I reached my teenage years and we will look at that part of my life next time.


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